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 DogHouseUae is the pioneer of the segment

 Before we invented this segment, dogs were suffering the heat and the harsh weather of the GCC

 Our houses were invented because the people needed better accommodation for their beloved best friend

 We are proud to be the first and only innovative company in this sector in the entire GCC

 While we are flattered that others are copying us and stealing our designs, but no one comes close to our blueprint method, quality of manufacturing and customer service. Don’t fall for low-quality imitations, even though they might look the same, they are usually of smaller size and lower quality.


 How We build every house from scratch. No factory fixed size

 We put a lot of effort and love in every house and it shows

 We help you pick the best size and place to install the house

 We use safe, high-quality materials, treated to withstand the harsh GCC weather

 We guarantee our work against any defects and stand behind every house 100%


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Custom Houses to Sheikhs & celebrities

 We specialize in the design and construction of luxury dog houses in the United Arab Emirates and GCC. If you would like to make sure that your four-legged friend has somewhere cool and comfortable to relax outdoors, take a look at our fantastic range of dog kennels today. Every model in our standard range is equipped with an efficient air conditioning unit to keep your pet’s accommodation at a comfortable temperature no matter what the outside temperature may be. In addition to featuring efficient air-condition units, each dog house is manufactured from high quality, weatherproof materials and built to the very highest of standards.

 We listen to what our client’s needs, we advise them based on our experience on what's the most suitable solution for their beloved friend.

  The dog breed, location, owner requirements are all important variables to consider in the final design. We incorporate Ontario, Canada Humane Society recommendation into our designs.

 Once the design is approved, manufacturing at our facility starts, by using the safest, high-quality materials, that's assembled together by our qualified, skilled workmanship.

 The delivery date is established with the client, all arrangement is done to deliver and install the house at the right place. After installation, we make sure that everything is assembled at the right place and all moving parts are working properly.

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Is our house right for your beloved dog?

Is our house right for your beloved dog?

  After a lot of research and many trial and errors, we reached the perfect dog house design. Our houses incorporate many features like:  Made of weather treated solid wood frame, that will handle more than 250kg weight.  Weather treated wood and paint, so rain...

Is dog shelter necessary?

Is dog shelter necessary?

The most basic necessities for every dog are food, water, and shelter. If circumstances require that your dog spends time outside in your yard, you must make sure that he has sufficient shelter, it’s not just the humane thing to do, it’s the law, as every state has...

Choosing the Perfect House for your Dog?

Choosing the Perfect House for your Dog?

Easily the bigger the house, the more comfortable the dog will be. As he/she will have more space to roam a little and pick different corners. You will be able to leave your beloved friend more outdoor with the knowledge that their accommodation is being taking care...

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