Is our house right for your beloved dog?

Is our house right for your beloved dog?


After a lot of research and many trial and errors, we reached the perfect dog house design.

Our houses incorporate many features like:

 Made of weather treated solid wood frame, that will handle more than 250kg weight.

 Weather treated wood and paint, so rain and washing will not affect it.

Stands on solid wood legs to prevent rain or washing water from entering the house.

Designer front/side wide door that opens the whole inside for cleaning. It can be locked to prevent the dog from opening it.

Weather treated wood-feeding platform with shade and place to hold up to four bowls

Solid wood, weather treated box, to store dog accessories.

Weatherproof window air condition unit.

Galvanized steel hook, installed on the outside so the dog leash can be easily attached to the house.

Permanent opening covered with industrial plastic sheets that allow the dog to go in and out freely, yet keeping the cold in and the heat out. Option to add PetSafe door.

More than 45 colors to choose from to match your special taste.


Not every person knows how to love a dog, but every dog knows how to love a person. Give your dog the best house it deserves and he will live happily without diseases, gives more love, behaves better and lives longer.

Is dog shelter necessary?

Is dog shelter necessary?

The most basic necessities for every dog are food, water, and shelter. If circumstances require that your dog spends time outside in your yard, you must make sure that he has sufficient shelter, it’s not just the humane thing to do, it’s the law, as every state has laws in place to prevent the cruel treatment of animals. Of course, your dog wants to spend most of his up time with you, and a comfy dog bed inside your house is ideal, but we all know that is not always an obtainable solution. Sometimes the dog is too big to be inside, family allergies to dogs hair are another problem, family members or guests that are afraid of big dogs is something to worry about, many other factors may force you to not have a dog inside, but that should not stop you from enjoying your pet. After all, he is your best friend who will give you companionship, love, loyalty, and happiness.

A cozy doghouse will give your dog a safe place to go and should provide:

 Protection from the elements such as rain, hail, sand, and wind.

Shade from the hot summer sun.

Cool place in the summer months.

Insulation from the bitter cold.

A den-like place where your dog can feel secure.

Choosing the Perfect House for your Dog?

Choosing the Perfect House for your Dog?

Easily the bigger the house, the more comfortable the dog will be. As he/she will have more space to roam a little and pick different corners. You will be able to leave your beloved friend more outdoor with the knowledge that their accommodation is being taking care of. Having said that, there are several factors you should bear in mind when selecting a new outdoor home for your dog.

 Breed – The larger the breed, the bigger the air-conditioned doghouse you are going to need. Smaller dogs that are particularly active may also benefit from larger quarters: as the pet owner, you will know best friend activity and decide on the size required.


Proposed Location – The place where you would like to site your new kennel may limit your options as far as size and layout are concerned so should be considered before placing an order.

Your Personal Requirements – If you like your four-legged friend to spend most of his or her time outside, you should opt for a larger model. On the other hand, if you only want to provide your pet with somewhere to sleep at night, one of our more compact houses will probably be sufficient.

Also keep in mind that most of our house designs will need 1 meter of empty space on each side, for the air condition hot air to be blown away and for the big access door for cleaning the inside of the house. With all the above taken into consideration, please read the following guidance for picking the minimum house size required for your dog breed:


For extra-large breeds,  like Great Dane, English Mastiff, Belgian Malinois, Leonberger, you need a large enclosed space with higher air condition.

Great Dane

English Mastiff

Belgian Malinois


DogHouseUAE designs that are suitable for these breeds are:

Ivy Cottage Dog House

Loft Dog House

Palace Dog House


  For large breeds, like Alaskan Malamute, Boxer, Dobermann, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Siberian Husky,

Alaskan Malamute



German Shepherd

Golden Retriever


Siberian Husky

your minimum house designs that can fit are:

Cottage Dog House

Cube Dog House

Penthouse Dog House

Villa Dog House


For medium breeds, like Cairn Terrier, Chihuahua, Chow Chow

Cairn Terrier


Chow Chow

your minimum house designs that can fit are:



For small breeds, like Border Collio, Beagle, Maltese, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu





Shih Tzu,


Finally, you can customize any of our designs to suite your specific needs. We also cater to multiple dog owner, with our custom designs and our Twosome design.

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