After a lot of research and many trial and errors, we reached the perfect dog house design.

Our houses incorporate many features like:

 Made of weather treated solid wood frame, that will handle more than 250kg weight.

 Weather treated wood and paint, so rain and washing will not affect it.

Stands on solid wood legs to prevent rain or washing water from entering the house.

Designer front/side wide door that opens the whole inside for cleaning. It can be locked to prevent the dog from opening it.

Weather treated wood-feeding platform with shade and place to hold up to four bowls

Solid wood, weather treated box, to store dog accessories.

Weatherproof window air condition unit.

Galvanized steel hook, installed on the outside so the dog leash can be easily attached to the house.

Permanent opening covered with industrial plastic sheets that allow the dog to go in and out freely, yet keeping the cold in and the heat out. Option to add PetSafe door.

More than 45 colors to choose from to match your special taste.


Not every person knows how to love a dog, but every dog knows how to love a person. Give your dog the best house it deserves and he will live happily without diseases, gives more love, behaves better and lives longer.

DogHouse UAE
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