When I first brought my dog to Dubai in 2012, The heat outside was unbearable to my dog, so instead of letting him in and out every 15 minutes because he likes to run around, but he needs to cool down inside, I started looking for an air-conditioned dog house. After looking for weeks, I found that no such thing exists. So. I designed what I thought is the perfect house for my dog and sourced a local carpenter to build it for me.

Little that I know, untreated wood does not last outdoor with Dubai humidity and splashing rain and garden sprinklers. Steel legs rust, air condition wires hazards, etc.

 When my friends started asking me to build them a house, I started iterating and correcting mistakes in each new version. Like big access door for cleaning inside etc.

 After all those years, I am proud to say that I am the pioneer of air-conditioned dog houses in UAE and GCC. I design each house with the dog and client in mind, yet still focusing on making them beautiful to look at and keep. We have a workshop inside our green LGS factory that only builds dog houses to order. Every house is built with manual labor and love. Quality is paramount and we take care of every single order. From start to finish, we do it all, the design, carpentry, paint, delivery, and installation.

DogHouse UAE
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